kicker light (def): in photography, a light source coming from the back and side of the subject and producing a highlight

Featured Work: Brooklyn Artery– Unique & Handmade

Profile of “Brooklyn Artery”, a Ditmas Park handmade goods store that’s helping to transform the neighborhood and build the arts community by providing a space for local artists to sell their work.

Featured Video: Orange Regional Medical Center Nurses Share Why They Love 1199

Nurses at Orange Regional Medical Center (ORMC) directed their message at workers at Saint Francis Hospital who were at the time considering whether to join 1199SEIU.

The video, which features direct-to-camera testimonials resonated strongly with workers and St. Francis went on to win their campaign to unite in 1199SEIU by a wide margin.

Featured Work: Union Power Print Power

A historical documentary style video designed to celebrate over 80 years of 1199SEIU’s union publications.

An anniversary video, used in conjunction with a gala event, proves an excellent vehicle for highlighting accomplishments and educating a captive audience about your mission.

Featured Work: 1199SEIU Child Care Fund Combats Childhood Obesity

An advocacy video designed to raise awareness about childhood obesity, highlight 1199SEIU’s role in tackling it and leave audiences feeling excited about taking action and joining others to make a difference.

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